​RETRO General Rules©

​Effective January 1, 2017

All references in these rules to the RETRO are the property of the
All Rights Reserved RETRO / Retro ElecTric Racing Organization 2014 

All rules may be reviewed and changed by the RETRO Executive
Committee at any time. 

The Purpose of the RETRO   

To promote and provide a racer friendly Rule Set along with
economic consideration to the racers and raceway owners. 

Stabilize rules and products used to encourage maximum
participation in the RETRO  

Unified Rules are to be used in Local, Regional, National and
World events. 

Sanction races and events using these rules and for 1960's/70's
style scratchbuilt slot racing chassis along with modern classes.


RETRO General Rules©

Please note both the Specific Class rules along with the General
Rules apply to all classes being raced at RETRO events/races. 

Rear Tires

 The ONLY Rear Tires that are legal for RETRO events are and will
be "Natural Rubber" based compounds/tires. Untreated and Treated
"Fish" and Wonder Rubber tires are the only legal and allowed tires
at RETRO events/races.

Compounds that DO NOT contain Natural Rubber ARE NOT legal for use
at RETRO events/races.

RETRO General Rules©

Please note both the Specific Class rules along with the General
Rules apply to all classes being raced at RETRO events/races. 

Rear Tire

Speed Rubber. Silicone, 100% Synthetic Compound tires ARE NOT
legal for RETRO events/races.

Only natural rubber
compound tires that have a MAXIMUM manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP)
of $15.00 U.S. (not a discounted retail price) will be allowed for RETRO
competition and events.

Maximum rear wheel/hub outside diameter is limited to 5/8”/.625.
No wheels/hubs larger than .625 O.D. will be allowed.


Rear tires may not be changed during a race. If a tire/wheel should become
‘damaged’ due to a stripped set screw, bent hub or chunked tire, a racer will
be permitted to change the tire under ‘green flag’ conditions (track power on)
and must present the car to the race director/race official at the end of the
heat for inspection. This must be done before a driver will be permitted to
continue in the race.


The Protest Fee will be $12.00 U.S. funds. Any Protest must be filed and
paid before the conclusion of the race the suspected tires are being used in.

At the end of the race, the Rear Tires/Rubber will be burned with a hot
soldering iron. When the rubber cools to room temp it will be checked. If the
rubber is "sticky" where it was burned, the tire will be deemed

If the rubber where it was burned is not sticky, the tire will be deemed

If the tire is deemed legal, the racer being protested will collect the $12.00
protest fee and his finishing position will stand.

If the tire is deemed illegal, the racer filing the protest will collect the
$12.00 protest fee and the racer who failed the protest will be disqualified
immediately and banned from the remainder of the event. Repeat offenders may
face expulsion from all and future RETRO events/races.  


At designated scheduled races using RETRO rules, the RETRO and the track
owner / race director may elect to use hand-out rear tires.
This shall be announced well in advance of the event and ample
time will be allowed on the day of the race for the racer to obtain the tires,
true them and run them in. 


Motors may not be changed after a car has passed tech inspection, or during the race itself, unless it is documented by the race director/race official that a motor has experienced severe reduction in speed or a mechanical failure and stopped running. No motor change may take place without the approval of the race director/race official. Any changed motor must be teched by race officials prior to the start of the next heat or immediately after the race


RETRO Reserves the right to tear down the top finishers at any
RETRO event/race to inspect motors/motor parts.

Pro-Slot 4002 FK Motor Rules 

For All Classes using Pro-Slot 4002 FK Motors
Motors must be factory sealed and using the unmodified factory seal only.

Seals may have clear "finger nail polish" added to extend life
of seal. NO other modifications to the seals allowed

All motors must run an 8 tooth pinion. At some events smaller
pinion may be allowed due to track length.

Racers may change brushes and springs.
Only 3 coil replacement springs are allowed.
Any 36-D sized motor brushes may be used.
Brushes may not be cut, slotted or modified on the surface touching
the commutator. Brushes may be radiused prior to break in.
No spring insulation or shunt wires are allowed.

Super Glue may be added to the endbell bushing.

Can oilite bushing may be soldered in place.

Armature Shafts may be cut on both sides of the motor.

Motors may NOT be refurbed.



Rules for RETRO Regions ( IE: BRS, Great Lakes ) that run the RETRO WSC Coupe Class with PS Puppy Dog Motors

Armature Specifications
Arms are to be tagged PD
Arms are to be wound with 75 turns of 31 ga wire
Minimum armature diameter is .512"
Minimum armature stack length is .390"
Maximum Comm Timing is 30 degrees

Motor air gap minimum is .525" Max is .540"

Stock Factory Production Ceramic magnets only. No modifications allowed
including honing and grinding. NO PS-FK magnets, NO Poly Neo,
No Hard Neo, No Cobalt magnets allowed.

Cans are to remain unmodified. No cutting or grinding allowed on
motor cans. No bending or squeezing of motor cans.

Magnets are to be retained in place using clear Super Glue only.
Magnet recharging or zapping is allowed.

Ball bearing allowed on pinion/can side of motor(s). May solder
bushing or ball bearing in place.

Endbell may use oilite bushing or ball bearing only.

No modifications allowed to endbell(s)

Hardware on endbell is to remain stock and unmodified. Factory
commutator clearance is allowed on hardware. May also use
P-S replacement copper hardware.

Hardware screws may be changed.

Any brush spring may be used.

36-D size carbon motor brushes must be used. Any brand, type, MFG
permitted. No modifications to carbon brushes allowed. Brush cream allowed.

No shunt wires or spring insulation allowed.

External Can type motor heat sinks and comm coolers are allowed.

If it's not mentioned.....it's not legal.

Handout Motors 
At Retro Major/Scheduled races, the RETRO Org and/or Event Promoter may require
the use of hand out motors. Use of hand out motors for any RETRO event/race
must be announced 60 days prior to the event/race. Time will be provided on or
before race for installation of motors into car. Practice time will be
scheduled in the event/race schedule.

The motor cost will be included in the class racing entry fee. All motors will
be marked and racers must only use the motors they purchased in their
respective classes. 

Race Procedures

Entry Fee amounts will be determined by the RETRO and the Race
Host. Entry Fee should include race day "pit pass" fees. Pit Pass
fees for non race days will be separate from Race Entry Fees. 

Tech Inspection will be held prior to qualifying and the races.
The tech schedule should be announced/posted and clear and prior to the
event/race. All cars must pass technical inspection prior to the cars being
entered into the race. Chassis, bodies, motors, tires may be marked to
insure no changes are made after tech and/or during the races.

Cars that do not pass tech will be allowed time to make changes to
pass tech. Cars that are not repaired in the allowed time may not be
allowed to qualify and added into the lowest race if repaired in

Cars that arrive late and after tech closing time may be added
into the lowest race of the class the car is being entered into. 

After cars pass tech inspection all cars are to be impounded and
to stay impounded at all times prior to qualifying and racing. The race
committee/control will control which cars are to be in impound and when cars
may be released from impound. Cars in impound are not to be touched by anyone
other than those authorized to do so. Cars in impound are not to be worked on
unless authorized to do so. If a car is or cars are damaged during
qualifying there will be time allowed for repairs to be made and only under
supervision of those in charge of the event/race. Anyone caught
touching/removing cars or working on cars during impound will be disqualified
from the event/race. 

All cars are to remain on the track at the finish of the race to
be scored and impounded. Cars are not to be handled by anyone not authorized to
do so. All cars after being scored will be impounded and returned to the
impound area until being released. 

All Cars are subjected to be re teched at any time during an
event/race. If they do not pass tech they will either be allowed back in the
race after passing tech or disqualified. 

Tire cleaning will be allowed during the race(s). The only cleaner
allowed will be the official cleaning fluid provided by the RETRO . The
cleaning fluid is to be applied to the tires either directly by using a rag.
Any transfer of cleaning fluid to the track will result in disqualification. No
other fluids or substances are allowed on the tires during the racing. If another
fluid other than the official cleaning fluid is found to be used during racing
will result in disqualification. 

Other cleaners/tire treatments are allowed prior to tech and
during practice as long as they do not interfere or change the racing surface. 

Any other fluids IE: braid juice, oil, etc found to be used in
excessive amounts and affecting the racing surface will result in the drivers


Drivers are prohibited from gluing their tires and/or the track surface in practice
sessions or during any race. Racers are prohibited from cleaning the track
braid at any time. The track surface may not be altered by a racer at any time
during practice sessions, or in the race.

Glue boards of any kind are not permitted to be used at any time during RETRO

Tires may be cleaned by drivers during the races and/or during lane changes.
The only approved fluid for cleaning tires during a race is lighter
fluid/Naptha. Using anything else will result in disqualification. 

Tire cleaner may not be transferred, or applied to the track surface. Doing so
will result in disqualification.

Tire treatments (Zip Grip, Sticky Fingers, Bardahl No-Smoke, ‘home-made brews’
etc) may only be applied to the rear tires before a car is presented to tech.
No tire treatments, or glue of any kind will be permitted to be used during a
race. Rear tires on all cars must be ‘dry’ when presented at tech. Applying
tire treatment and/or any type of glue to tires during a race will result in

Racers may not leave any residue (braid juice, oil, lighter fluid etc.) on the
track surface while servicing their car during a race event.

No braid juice application, oiling, and tire cleaning will be permitted once
the car is presented for tech and is placed in secure impound. Applying braid
juice and oiling the car is not permitted prior to qualification/time trials. A
racer may oil his car and apply braid juice once his one-minute qualifying
session has begun. 

Track condition and surface is to be prepped on the day prior to
the race/event. The surface should be cleaned and sprayed and ready for the
first day of practice for the event. Racers are not allowed to alter the
surface in any way and doing do will result in disqualification. No racer applied
glue or cleaning will be allowed during the event.


If a car loses its front wheel(s) and/or front tire(s), or the driver figure, a
racer will be permitted to finish the heat, but will be required to make the
needed repairs before being permitted to start the next heat and continue in
the race. 

Car Repairs: Car repairs that take place during green flag conditions. Cars that have been repaired during green flag conditions and returning to the track under green flag/power on conditions may be placed back on the track in front of the driver on the main straightaway. Cars that have been removed during green flag/power on conditions to be repaired and returning during a lane change, must go back to the position on the track the car was removed during green flag/power on conditions.


There are only two Race Formats that RETRO events are to use along
with Qualifying Options

Qualifying there are two options. One is 45 seconds to one
minute with power on and racers fastest lap is recorded along with 2nd fastest
lap in case of ties.

 The second option is Laps and Sections. Racers run a 45
second to one minute period and the total laps and sections ran determines
qualifying positions. Sections will have to be marked carefully when using this

 There will also be "lane choice/pick" based on
qualifying position by the driver for all races.


A one-minute warm-up period will be conducted prior to the start of each Main.
The eight drivers starting the race will be given the opportunity to practice
All sit-out drivers will then be given the opportunity to warm-up following the
eight racers starting the race. Drivers may oil their cars and apply braid
juice prior to the start of the race. Sit-out cars must be taken to the impound
area following the warm-up session.

 Format One and Done

Qualify all cars using one of the above options. Cars are seeded
into Main Races by qualifying times. Example: 32 cars. Qualifiers 1-8 into A
Main, 9-16 into B Main, 17-24 into C Main, 25-32 into D Main. The running
order is D main, C main, B main, A main.

Marshaling order is A main drivers marshal the D main, the D main
the C main, the C main the B main and the B main the A main.

 All cars finishing sections are to be marked at the
conclusion of each race and when all Mains have been completed the Overall Lap
Totals and Sections determine the Official Finish of the race/class.

Format Two Move Up 

 Qualify all cars using one of the above options. Cars are
seeded into Qualifying Races by qualifying times. Example 64 cars.

Qualifiers 1-8 go into the Semi Races  9-16 into A qualifier,
17-24 into B Qualifier , 25-32 into C Qualifier, 33-40 into the D
Qualifier, 41-48 into the E Qualifier, 49-56 into the F Qualifier and 57-64
into the G Qualifier.

 The running order is G, F, E, D, C, B, A 

 Marshaling order is A drivers marshal the G, the G the F the
F, the E the D, the D the C, the C the B, the B the A

 All cars finishing sections are to be marked at the conclusion
of each race and when all Qualifying Mains have been completed the
racers with Top 8 Lap totals move up into the two Semi races along with
the Top 8 Lap time qualifiers.

 Two Semis are to be run. A Semi and the B Semi. The Top 4
finishers from each Semi move up into the A Main.

 The A Main is run to determine the Winner/Champion of the

 Round Robin races may be run depending on number of entries
in a race/class/event and as a time saving measure. All races should be seeded
to include the same number of drivers in each race or on the track at the same


In round-robin races where sit-outs are used, the following procedures will be
followed: All sit-outs will take place after a racer completes his heat on the
WHITE lane. A racer going to a sit-out must take his car IMMEDIATELY to the
sit-out impound area in the condition in which it finished the heat. A racer
may NOT work on, repair or service his car in any way while enroute to the
sit-out impound area. Doing so will result in a 10-lap penalty. The entire car
and/or components must be submitted to the sit-out impound area. No exceptions!
In the case where a car is being worked on in the pits during a white lane
heat, the entire car and/or components must be taken to the sit-out impound
area IMMEDIATELY when the heat ends. Failure to do so will result in a 10-lap
penalty. A sit-out car may not be touched while it is in the sit-out impound
area by ANYONE, including the race director. In the event there are multiple
(more than one) sit-out heats, a racer may not work on, repair or service his
car during the ‘off’ periods between sit-out heats. A car will be released to
the driver after serving his sit-out heats.

Race Duration 

Can Am, WSC Coupe and F1-Indy 
Classes are to run 3 minutes on heats with 2 minutes
off between heats for lane change and pitting of cars.

Stock Car and Flexi 
Classes are to run 2 minutes on and 2 minutes off.

Retro AngleWinder G7-68
Class duration determined by race promoter for either 2 or 3 min
on with 2 min off.

Turn Marshaling

Turn Marshaling of the events are to be marshaled by the entrants
in the class being raced. All racers will have to turn marshal and there will
be no exceptions except for physical reasons. Substitute marshals will be
permitted as long as it is approved by the officials in charge and the racers
in the race. Marshals who miss or refuse their duties will be subjected to
penalties or disqualification. Racers are expected to stand when performing
marshaling duties, except in cases when marshals must kneel to avoid blocking
the view of the driver’s panel. Standing marshals must also exercise care to
not block the view of drivers, and may be asked to reposition by the drivers
and/or race director.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Unsportsmanlike Conduct will result in penalties and/or immediate

Physical Confrontations and/or

Any Racer, Racers or Persons involved
in Physical Confrontations and/or Contact at a RETRO event will be Immediately
Disqualified from that event and will have to leave the premises immediately.

There will be NO Warnings in these
types of situations. There is NO Tolerance for this type of behavior at RETRO
events. Assault of other Individual(s) can also result in being Arrested and Charges
being filed by local law enforcement.

Any Person or Persons involved in
such Physical Confrontations and/or Contact may also be suspended from future
events and/or Banned Permanently from future RETRO events.

Any Suspensions or Bans will be
discussed and voted on by the RETRO Executive Committee.

Black Flag

Black Flag will be issued for any car or driver interfering with the outcome of
a race. If a car is damaged and will not stay in the slot it will be black
flagged immediately. Any car black flagged must be removed from the race
and repaired before returning to the race. Drivers intentionally causing
problems for other drivers will be black flagged and may also result in
additional penalties and disqualification.

Track Calls

Track Calls are only for cars that cannot be reached by the marshals.
Straightaway, High Bank, Infield, Cars under the track are legitimate track
calls. Riders are track calls. Marshals may call track if they cannot reach a
car. Under the bridge is not a track call unless the marshals cannot reach the
car(s) under the bridge. 

Track Calls

 Racers working on their cars during a track call may continue to work on their cars during the track call.
If there is a track call due to track failure, braid up, computer/scoring issues, then all work on cars must stop during track calls for these situations.

Specific track calls will be discussed prior to each race meet.

Lane Change Cards

Lane Change Cards are to be used during the lane changes during
the races. Any racer found to not be using a lane change card will be penalized
5 laps for each infraction. Racers found to be moving the position of the car
forward during a lane change will be disqualified immediately.

 Missed Laps

Missed Laps will be added if the lap counter can be proved to be
incorrect. Laps will be deducted in the case of a car passing the lap counter
in the wrong lane.


Any driver entering an RETRO event gives express permission to the race
organizers to use his name, photograph and photos of his cars in published race

Motor Specifications and Rules

Motor Service Centers

As of October 17, 2013 the RETRO Authorized Motor Service Centers
( Pro-Slot LTD and Fast Ones ) have agreed to the following in regards to P-S
4002, P-S 4002 B and P-S 4002 BB motors

Motor Service Centers will not "service or refurb" any
motors sent in that are submitted in the following conditions:

Unassembled motors, modified motors, motors where it's obvious
that work was done elsewhere and outside of the normal service centers work.

Motors submitted with damaged seals will be serviced at the
service centers discretion. Motors sent in with damaged seals must have at
least two screws covered by the original seal. Older production motors using
foil seals or were produced without endbell screws will be serviced/refurbed at
the service centers discretion.

Motor Service Centers will not "verify and seal" motors

Motor Service Centers will only seal motors that have been
verified to meet RETRO motor specifications.

Any motor parts found to be illegal and not within specs will be

Motor Service Centers will not seal any out of spec motors.

The Service Centers will communicate to RETRO BOD any motor issues
in regards to illegal parts or out of spec motors.

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