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​Effective January 1, 2017


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P.O. Box 1124
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Ron Hershman


Chris Barnes

Shontel Howard

Tom Lauterbach

Larry Mattingly


Jay Kisling

Dan Myers


Rick Blackson ... T/R Motorplex

Debbie Baldwin-Elavsky ... Route 93 Raceway

Dave Geehring ... Thazer Raceway

Kit Henry ... HMS Speedway & Hobbies

Mike and Zach Holley ... Real Speed Raceway

Forest Hoover ... At The Track Raceway

Mark Kitto ... Mark's Model World

Brian McPherson ... REM Raceway

Roger Schmidt ... Mid-America Raceway

Chris Earnhardt ... Fastraxxx

Jerry Wyant ... Boogie Speedway



A.  The name of this organization will be Retro ElecTric
Racing Organization (hereinafter RETRO) These Bylaws will govern the
regulation and management of its affairs.

B.  RETRO will have the purpose and powers that are stated in
this organization and such powers as are now resolved and adopted by these

C.  The purpose of the RETRO is to promote and regulate the
hobby of constructing and racing Retro slot cars, and further the
general interests of all persons engaged in the hobby.


A.  The location of the registered office of RETRO is as
stated in the Bylaws. The Executive Committee may elect to change the address
of its registered office by duly adopted resolution.

B.  The principal place of business of the RETRO will be a
location selected by the Executive Committee. This location will be known as
the RETRO Administrative Office.


A.  RETRO will have a responsibility to maintain
communication with its membership and participating clubs and regional groups,
and to provide them with current rules and specifications for competition and

B.  RETRO will maintain an information website on the
internet. Information posted on the website will be the official communication
method with RETRO members.  RETRO will also post information on various
recognized slot racing message boards and social media outlets when deemed
appropriate and necessary.

C.  RETRO rules are the international standard for retro slot
car racing. As such they must be kept current. Changes to the rules and product
approvals will be announced on the website,

(1)  The Executive Committee will review the rules, policies
and bylaws annually to determine if there are sufficient changes to warrant
issuing new procedures.  This will be announced on June 1 of each calendar

(2)  The RETRO reserves the right to issue changes and
amendments to rules, policies, and bylaws at any time if deemed necessary to
maintain a competitive balance in all matters. 


A.  The RETRO will be governed by an Executive Director and
four members of an Executive Committee. The current five officers are founding
members of RETRO, and therefore assume decision making responsibility.

B.  The five original Executive members will hold their
positions until, death, resignation, or removal for reason.

C.  In the case of a vacancy, the Executive Committee will
select an appropriate replacement.

D. All RETRO decisions on rules, policies and bylaws will be
determined by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

E.  A member of the Executive Committee may be removed by a
majority vote. Grounds for removal shall be stated in a written notice to the
affected committee member. The affected officer will have the right to be heard
by the Executive Committee prior to its voting on his removal. There are no
rights of appeal to the decision of the Executive Committee in this matter.

F.  RETRO will have an Advisor/Manager Board made up of
directors from all regional series that agree to institute RETRO rules and
procedures for their race meets.  The Advisor/Manager Board will make
recommendations to the Executive Director and the Executive Committee, and manage
the affairs of their respective regional series using RETRO guidelines.. The
Advisor/Manager Board will not have voting privileges on any matters regarding
RETRO rules, regulations, procedures and bylaws. A member of the
Advisor/Manager Board may be removed for cause by a majority vote of the
Executive Director/Executive Committee. Grounds for removal shall be stated in
a written notice to the affected Board member. The affected Board member will
have the right to be heard by the Executive Director/Executive Committee prior
to its voting on his removal. There are no rights of appeal to the decision of
the Executive Director/Executive Committee in this matter.

G. RETRO will provide for a Minority Member Board consisting of
track owners/promoters who agree to host a RETRO regional series event and/or a
RETRO Premier Race event. Minority Member Board members will advise and make
recommendations to the regional series that conduct races at their
facilities.  A Minority Member will not have voting privileges on any
matters regarding RETRO rules, regulations, procedures and bylaws. If a track
owner/promoter no longer conducts a RETRO event at his raceway, membership on
the Minority Member Board is automatically forfeited.  


A.  RETRO membership shall consist of clubs, regional series
and individuals interested in the advancement of organized retro slot car

B.  An individual shall automatically become a RETRO member
by entering a race and/or series that agrees to use RETRO rules and
regulations. Membership is not assignable or transferable. Each individual
entering a RETRO event will agree to abide by the rules, regulations, bylaws
and policies of RETRO.

C.  By entering a RETRO event an individual/member will be
subject to possible RETRO sanctions, which could include probation, suspension
or termination of said individual/member. Reasons for sanctions include:

(1)  Conduct detrimental to the hobby and/or RETRO.
(2)  Willfully breaking the rules set forth by the RETRO.

D.  Length of probation or suspension, or a decision to
terminate, will be determined by the Executive Committee after what is
determined by the Executive Committee to be a full investigation. Such
investigation will include a full and fair opportunity by the affected
individual/member to be heard. A request for a chance to be heard will be in
the form of a written communication to the Executive Director of RETRO within
15 days of the pending action.

E.  Procedures for appeal of probation, suspension or
termination of an individual/member.

(1)  Any appeal of probation, suspension or termination of an
individual/member must be submitted within 15 days of notification of a verdict
from the Executive Committee.  It will be in the form of a written
communication sent to the RETRO Executive Director containing the reasons the
individual/member believes the sanction should be changed.  If the
Executive Committee agrees to hear the appeal, the Executive Committee will
issue a final decision within 30 days of receipt of an appeal.

(2)  The Executive Committee reserves the right not to hear
any appeal presented to it, in which case the initial verdict will stand.

F.  An individual member may resign his membership upon
notification to the RETRO Executive Director.

G.  Membership in the RETRO does not grant voting privileges
to the member, with regard to determining rules, procedures, policies and
bylaws of the RETRO.


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