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TRO ANGLEWINDER RULESl Specificional SpecificationsRETRO Dimensional Specifications



Effective January 1, 2017

Dimensional Specifications

A. Maximum Overall Chassis Width: 3.125"
​ (measured across any part of the
chassis including outer face of wheels)

B. Maximum Rear Tire width: 0.810"

C. Minimum Rear Tire diameter: 0.790"

D. Minimum Front Tire width: 0.063". O-Ring tires/fronts

E. Minimum Front Tire diameter: .600"/5/8"

F. The bottom face of the chassis, excluding wheels and guide,
must be flat when fitted over a test block. Minimum Clearance: 0.050"
(measured under rear axle excluding gear) and 0.015" ( measured at the
lowest, most forward part of the chassis ). Both clearances measured with car
standing on a flat tech board on its wheels, without guide. Side pans must
clear the same measurements (no "hanging pans" allowed).

Chassis construction

A. Chassis type: Any personally-built or commercially-available
scratch-built chassis/kit(s) conforming to these specifications and to the
spirit of the intent statement is allowed.

B. Chassis Materials: Brass sheet, rod, and tube; steel wire, pin
tubing. Bronze rod for chassis main rails/rails. Steel guide tongues are
allowed. Pillow block/keyed construction (as in individual sheet-metal axle
holders soldered into slots cut in any form of sheet-metal support) is allowed
for front and rear axles.

C. Drive type: open to the imagination.

D. Hinged movements in any direction are allowed. Centerline
hinges (Flexi hinges) are not allowed. No chassis movement, dynamic or induced,
may extend the overall chassis width to more than 3.125". Hinged or fixed
side structures cannot "hang" below the line formed by the main

E. Front axle: A single straight, one-piece front axle is
required, carrying both front wheels. The axle may be fixed or rotating inside
a tube. No visual obstruction of any kind across either front or rear wheels
must be seen when viewing the car from its sides. No hinged front wheel
movements are allowed (i.e. no "L" arms). Front wheels may rotate
independently. Min Front axle dia 1/16" .063"

F. Rear axle: two methods are allowed:
1/ An axle tube of constant diameter capturing the axle bearings. The axle tube
may be notched for motor clearance. This axle tube must be held by the steel,
bronze or brass-wire main rails or pass through brass upright.
2/ The bearings are set in a one-piece formed sheet brass bracket that may also
hold a bolt-on motor bracket soldered to the base of the main rails.
3/ Minimum rear axle diameter 3/32 Solid one piece axles only. No hollow axles

G. Guide: One guide flag centered on the longitudinal axis of the chassis (i.e.
no sideways "free float" or offset) is allowed.

H. Any pitch gears and gear ratio allowed.

Body rules
a. Body style: Bodies must be originals or exact reproductions of 1966 to 1973
Pro-Racing bodies by Russkit, MAC, Lancer, Associated, Dynamic, Outisight, etc.
No "flattened" or "aerodynamically improved" bodies allowed
(i.e. no molded-in spoilers, wings etc that were not on the original full-size
car or original mold). Front wheel arches must be cut out. Rear wheel arches
may be left closed if the original full-size car ran with closed wheel arches.
Bodies must be presentably painted and carry at least three racing numbers, one
on each side, and one on the front. No part of the chassis or tires may be seen
when looking on the car from its top.

B. One ½” .500” rear spoiler may be added to the rear of the body. No other
air-control devices may be added to the one-piece bodies.

REAR BODY SKIRTS:  There is no maximum limit to rear body skirts behind
the rear tires in Retro Anglewinder. No material of any kind may be added on to
the body to extend rear body skirts. All rear body skirts must clear by .050
sitting on the tech block.

Cockpit: Cockpits must be fully opened following the natural line of the
windscreen and body. A 3-D driver figure painted in at least 2 colors must be

Motor Rules

A. Set-up - Must use stock P-S mini motor can, endbell, hardware ( Replacement
Pro-Slot Copper Hardware is allowed  ), and magnets. No modifications to
can or endbell EXCEPT for notching the can for axle/chassis clearance as
pictured below.

B. Hoods may be SLIGHTLY trimmed for shunt wire clearance. Nothing else may be
removed from hardware.

C. Endbell may be drilled to allow for can to endbell screws.

D. Can/endbell oilites may be removed and ball bearings may be used.

E. Brushes and springs - May use any motor brush and/or brush springs. May add
shunt wires and spring insulation.

F. Magnets - MUST use the stock PS mini motor magnets. No other magnet may be
used. Magnets may be shimmed. Magnets may be epoxied in place. NO honing of
magnets allowed.

G. Armature - Must use Pro Slot stock Puppy Dog or Big Dog only. No other type
or brand arms allowed. Minimum arm diameter is .513". No timing limit.
Must be tagged. Minimum stack length is .390" for Big Dog and Puppy Dog

H. No other brand/manufacturer arms, set-ups, magnets, parts allowed.

I. Motors changes during the race are allowed.


RETRO Flexi WSC Rules©

​Effective October 1, 2015


Chassis- Any commercially 4" stamped steel type chassis
is legal. No modifications except for the following: May file motor bracket
openings, May reinforce rear uprights, motor brace maybe added and connect to
the rear brace, May add pin tubes, May reinforce guide tongue, May add lead
weight to the chassis, May tape the top side of the chassis for tuning
purposes. May raise or lower oilites in rear of chassis for ride height
purposes only.


Motor- The following motors are allowed in the RETRO Flexi WSC
class.  Pro-Slot 4002 Sealed, PS-4002 B Sealed, P-S 4002 BB Sealed,
Trinity Evil 9, Fast Ones Demon, JK Hawk 7, Topline Falcon 7, TSR D3, Parma 501
Sealed, Pro-Slot 2002 Sealed, JK Retro Hawk, Pro-Slot 4002 FK


P-S 4002, 4002 B and 4002 BB motors may be reconditioned and
resealed by Pro-Slot or Fast Ones.

The seal must go over the top of the screw heads. No modifications
to the motors or seals are allowed. Racers may change brushes and springs
on the above motors that have external brushes and springs. Only 3 coil
replacement springs are allowed and any 36-D sized motor brush may be used.
Brushes may not be cut, slotted or modified on the surface touching the
commutator. No spring insulation or shunt wires are allowed. If it's not
mentioned, it's not legal.


Body- Any Approved Retro Coupe bodies are allowed. Must be painted
and have clear windows. Rear windows may be painted. A Painted
driver/interior is required. Must be 3-D molded and scale. No paper drivers
allowed Must have three numbers on the body. No Excessive cutting allowed.

REAR BODY SKIRTS:  There is no maximum limit to rear body skirts behind
the rear tires in Retro Flexi. No material of any kind may be added on to the
body to extend rear body skirts. All rear body skirts must clear by .050
sitting on the tech block.


Rear Body Height- Maximum of 1 3/8" Measured at the highest
point of the body. Measurement does not include the added on rear spoiler.


Rear Spoiler- Max height is 1/2"  Must be attached to
the rear of the body NOT on top of the body. Spoiler can be no wider than the
body. No additional air control devices allowed. No front diaplanes or side
dams allowed. Notches and "punched" holes are permitted. A maximum of
two bends allowed.


Fronts- Not Required. If not using fronts then "Sticker"
fronts must be used on the body. If fronts are being used, the minimum dia is
1/2" and must have rubber or a O-Ring. Fronts do not have to touch and


Rears- Black Natural Tires only maybe be used. Fish or Wonder type
rubber is Natural. No Speed or Synthetic Rubber tires may be used. Min Dia
.750" and Max width is .815" Rear tires may not be angle cut. Rear
tire/wheel width may be narrowed.


Width- Maximum Width of Chassis/Car/Rear Track is 3
1/4"  Front and rear tires must be covered by the body. No tires are
to stick out side the body.

 Rear Clearance- Minimum is .050"

 Front Clearance- Minimum is .015"  Nothing may be on the

bottom of the chassis in the way of tape, weight, etc.

 Axles- Minimum dia Rear is 3/32"  Front no minimum dia.

Axles must be solid steel and no hollow or lightweight material axles allowed.
Flattened axles maybe used.

 Bearings- NO Ball Bearings allowed. Must use oilite bushings


 Weight- NO Minimum

 Gears- Any Ratio allowed and Any Pitch allowed

 Guide- Any Commercially Available Guide Flag may be used. Any lead wire,

guide nut and wire clips may be used.


If it's not mentioned it's not legal. Ask before you bring it to
the race or tech line.


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